Shipping policy

【海外購物 FAQ

  • 購物簡易流程

          將您要購買的商品加入購物車 → 結帳 → 輸入個人收件資訊 (請務必填寫正確地址和收件者姓名及電話)
          → 送出 
→ 完成購物

  • 結帳付款

        提供信用卡線上刷卡及 ATM 線上付款

  • 運費



  • 訂單追蹤

        商品出貨後將以 Email 寄送出貨通知及運單號碼,以便您可隨時了解商品運送及到貨時間。


註:受中國地區COVID-19防疫升級影響,寄往中國地區各類郵件,其郵遞時效依各地管控措施而有所遞延;其他地區國家目前為止可收寄出口航空郵件之國家/地區為 43 個;且郵遞時效皆有所延誤,更多詳情於此查看。



【International delivery FAQ

  • How to process your order

Add to cart > check out > provide contact information > complete order and payment

  • How to pay
Here are ways that you can pay some ways,
1. Credit Cards: Visa/ Master/ JCB/Union Pay 
2. ATM transfer (Taiwan only)

*Please notice that your bank account will be charged with an overseas transferring fee, to contact your bank for more details.
*We provide securely online payment for the customer, please refer to below if any concerns:


  • How to caculate delivery fees? 

Please visit post office page. 


  • When will I receive my parcel ? How to track the delivery of my order?

Standard delivery time: 7-14 days

EMS tracking click HERE