沛沛 Pei Chin Lee《鹽水大飯店 Hotel Saltwater》影集原聲帶 Original Soundtrack | 專輯(卡帶 Cassette Tape)

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Track  Title Time
1. 橋頭青年合作社 Kiô-á-thâu Youth Cooperative 0:33
2. 彼此的愛 Our Love 1:34
3. 鉸刀 The Scissor 3:59
4. 咱來跳舞 Let's Dance 2:29
5. 請帖 The Invitation 0:52
6. 19最後の夜 The Last Night of 19 2:39
7. 拄開始就是按呢 I Can’t be with You 2:58
8. 上媠的代誌 Beautiful Things 1:53
9. 求婚 Propose 2:01
10. 阿德的提醒 A-tik's Reminding 2:06
11. 美麗島遊行 Formosa Demonstration 4:15
12. 警察拍人 Police Hit Residents 2:10
13. 逃 The Escape 2:20
14. 掛礙的代誌 All the Worries 1:53
15. 夢中舞 Daydreaming 1:45
16. 老縣長感謝 Thanks for All Your Help 1:14
17. 為義受苦 The Suffering Stops Here 5:35
18. 過年 Lunar New Year 4:13
19. 19最後の夜 The Last Night of 19(孤單版)The Last Night of 19(Lonely version) 2:36
20. 轉來就好 Come Back Home 4:19
21. 咱 Joining the Democratic Movement is like Dancing

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本次配樂製作邀請到眾多優秀夥伴一同合作,兩位配器師(Orchestrator)為屢獲國外作曲賽事大獎的李佳盈老師及韓國新銳配樂家Jinny Lee,小型弦樂團來自匈牙利的布達佩斯藝術交響樂團,亦有金曲創作男歌手陳以恆、電吉他手VITZ楊詠淳(I Mean Us)、木吉他手范峻瑞、手風琴手黃婕(睡後故事)、大提琴手子頤、豎笛手若恩一同參與錄音。


弦樂錄音段落及部份實錄樂器的混音處理,由活躍於台灣及紐約的錄音製作人孫紹庭來助陣,原聲帶母帶後期處理則由西班牙混音師Pablo Schuller進行最後的潤飾。



Do you know what salt water tastes like with rice?
Welcome to - Hotel Saltwater

"Hotel Saltwater" is the first romance drama series produced by PTS Taigi TV Station in Taiwan. It is co-directed by directors Wen-Tang Cheng and Zhi-Ru Lin. This drama is based on the youth of Zhen-Yao Dai, the pioneer of the peasant movement. The content describes the main character Lí Bûn-khim's pursuit of democracy and freedom through action, and the unforgettable love story and the brotherhood between close friends intertwined to form the revolutionary youth of Taiwan in the 1970s.

The original music of "Hotel Saltwater" was composed by Pei-Chin Lee. She scored for eight episodes and selected 21 songs from more than 150 cues for the original soundtrack album.

We invited many outstanding musicians to collaborate in the music production. The two orchestrators are Ann Lee, who has won many awards in foreign composition competitions, and Korean emerging composer Jinny Lee. The string chamber is from the Budapest Art Orchestra in Hungary. R&B singer Yi-Heng Chen, electric guitarist VITZ(I Mean Us), acoustic guitarist Ray Fan, accordionist Chieh Huang(Shui Hou Gu Shi), cellist Tzu-Yi, and clarinetist Joanne Huang also participated in the recording.

The Japanese ballad was composed by Ting-Yu Ling, who lives in Japan and cares about the Japanese influences during the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan. She created a parallel and intertextual song background for the story and wrote about the life of a young woman in the 1970s. The helplessness and loneliness of hard work. Pei's ninety-year-old grandfather sang for this song. He has loved singing Japanese ballads for many years, which brings the story into that era.

The mixing engineer Shao-Ting Sun, who is active in Taiwan and New York, mixed the string recording sections and some of the recorded instruments, and the mastering was done by Spanish mixing engineer Pablo Schuller.

The physical album of the soundtrack is presented in cassette tapes, showing the vibe of the era in the series. In the cassette design, the black and white butterflies of the main actor and actress on the A and B side are translucent, and the other butterfly can be seen through the light, symbolizing that the two of them are still missing each other despite being separated, and also symbolizes the important image of freedom in the story. The poster on the front of the packaging is designed by Gelresai Chen, the famous award-winning designer in Taiwan.

It will premiere globally on the Taiwanese Public Television Service TV Station at 8 pm on March 3, 2024(Sun.), and will also be on Netflix at 9 pm on the same day. Hope you can enjoy the series with the youth, struggle, and romance of the 1970s.

專輯曲目 🎧

01. 橋頭青年合作社 Kiô-á-thâu Youth Cooperative (0:33)
02. 彼此的愛 Our Love (1:34)
03. 鉸刀 The Scissor (3:59)
04. 咱來跳舞 Let's Dance (2:29)
05. 請帖 The Invitation (0:52)
06. 19最後の夜 The Last Night of 19 (2:39)
07. 拄開始就是按呢 I Can’t be with You (2:58)
08. 上媠的代誌 Beautiful Things (1:53)
09. 求婚 Propose (2:01)
10. 阿德的提醒 A-tik's Reminding (2:06)
11. 美麗島遊行 Formosa Demonstration (4:15)

- |A Side|

12. 警察拍人 Police Hit Residents (2:10)
13. 逃 The Escape (2:20)
14. 掛礙的代誌 All the Worries (1:53)
15. 夢中舞 Daydreaming (1:45)
16. 老縣長感謝 Thanks for All Your Help (1:14)
17. 為義受苦 The Suffering Stops Here (5:35)
18. 過年 Lunar New Year (4:13)
19. 19最後の夜 The Last Night of 19(孤單版)The Last Night of 19(Lonely version) (2:36)
20. 轉來就好 Come Back Home (2:06)
21. 咱 Joining the Democratic Movement is like Dancing
(孫淑媚演唱、《鹽水大飯店》劇集主題曲) (4:19)

- |B Side|